Career Networking Posting Policies

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This page talks about the Posting Policies for the PSP Career Networking group.

Important Note: in March 2015, The PSP Career Advice and Networking moved from Yahoo to Club Express. The new General Career Networking Specialty group is located on (We moved off Yahoo groups for ease of administration.)

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In this section you will find:


How to introduce yourself to the PSP Career Networking Group

How to label your posts to the PSP Career Networking Group


Question: What are the guidelines for me to INTRODUCE myself on the PSP Career Networking group?

If you're now a member of PSP Career Networking (PSP CAN) here are a couple of things to do to help you start making things happen! 

1) Please INTRODUCE YOURSELF! (and put INTRO and your name in the subject so it's easy for people to search) Feel free to include some or all of the following: -Your background, business, or work situation -Your interest in networking, how others can help you and what you can offer -A link to your LinkedIn profile so people can take a look  REFRAIN from simply advertising your services or products- our goal is networking (rather than marketing)!  Send your introduction (and all group messages) to: PSPCAN [at] PSP-GROUPS [dot] COM

2) Join our LinkedIn Group - It's our resume file for our members. 

3) Events/Meet-Ups: PSP CAN hosts a group-wide events/workshops each year.  We also encourage members to initiate Meet-Ups on specific topics or industries. If you have an idea, send us an email- we’ll help you get it going. 

4)  Posts which are purely promotional are better suited for a Commercial Post - contact for information.  We looking forward to networking with you!


Question: What are the standard LABELS I should use for my PSP Career Networking posts?

In an effort to help people more efficiently scan their email we’d like folks on PSP CAN to use certain labels in the SUBJECT line. Then people can say, “oh, it’s a job, I should look” or “ah, just a job, can skip that one.”   So next time you start sending a message, use the SUBJECT LABEL below to help us ‘efficient-ize’ the list.  



JOB (INDUSTRY) (e.g., JOB (TECH): CEO for Yahoo)     

GOOD READ (e.g., GOOD READ: "How to slack off working from home")     

INTRO (e.g., INTRO: Marissa Mayer)     

ADVICE (e.g., How do you negotiate working from home)     

SUCCESS STORY (e.g., someone on PSP CAN got me a meeting with Marissa Mayer!)     

NEED REC (e.g., NEED REC: Group email system better than Yahoo!)     

DISCUSS (e.g., DISCUSS: Marissa Mayer: Saint or Sinner?)     

ISO A-BUD (e.g., Accountability Buddy wanted)     

BARTER (e.g., BARTER: Photographer seeks QuickBooks pro)     

SHOUT OUT (e.g. SHOUT OUT: Melissa Mayer rocks)     

PROPERTY (e.g. PROPERTY: Office Share available in North Slope)     

EVENT (e.g: Workshop with Melissa Mayer)  


THANKS in advance for your help in saving everyone’s time!  

- The PSP Career Networking Team!