We need your answers for the 2017 Nanny Survey

Have a Nanny? Take the survey and help other parents make good choices!!



We need your input!
Have a Nanny (or have you in the last year)? Take the Park Slope Parents Nanny Compensation Survey. We’ve shortened the survey this year—so you should be able to answer in about half the time!!






Your answers are confidential and your name will in no way be associated with our data.
This survey is for employers of nannies who work regularly for one family at a time, NOT a nanny share where the nanny who takes care of two families’ children at the SAME time.



The Nanny Survey provides reliable data on pay rates and responsibilities for nannies that helps ALL parents in Brooklyn in the process of hiring. This information will be shared freely with the Brooklyn community to help families make accurate and thoughtful decisions about employing a nanny. You can find past survey data and best practice on their website: http://www.parkslopeparents.com/


PLEASE FORWARD the link to anyone you know who employs a nanny in the Brooklyn.

Thanks in advance for your participation!