Top Ten Tips For Moving With Kids

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  1. Whether you’re moving in or out, try to arrange it so that your children are out of the house during the initial loading and unloading. No matter how organized you are – or how amazing your movers are – you need to stay focused and not be distracted by your children or worried about their safety.

  2. If the children are home, make sure that they’re occupied in a separate, closed room and supervised by a caregiver or family member. This will make it easier and safer for the movers to work quickly and efficiently.

  3. Encourage children to paint, decorate or draw on their moving boxes! This is a fun craft project that will also help identify their boxes when you’re unpacking in the new place.

  4. Another way to engage younger family members is to have them pack some smaller, lighter boxes with toys, books or other items from their room. Let them carry one of these boxes to their new home or help load a few into a car. With the moving company’s permission, they could also place the box onto a mover’s dolly or watch them get loaded into the moving van/truck.

  5. Create a “move book.” The key to a smooth move is staying organized. Keep all the details of your move in a paper file or dedicated computer folder. Include everything – packing lists, insurance information, building management contacts, contracts, estimates, and invoices. Make sure the information is accessible before, during, and after your move.

  6. Moving is a great excuse to de-clutter and reorganize! Before packing, try to donate or give away clothing, toys and other stuff that your kids have outgrown or no longer need. Did you know that some moving companies offer free transport of items to the Salvation Army? Just ask!

  7. If you are in charge of the unpacking – and the kids are still out of the house – unpack their rooms before they arrive so they feel immediately at home. If the movers are unpacking, have them work on kids’ rooms/areas first.

  8. This tip might seem obvious, but make sure you and your kids are well fed and hydrated before and during the move. Don’t forget snacks! You may not have easy access to your kitchen/fridge, so pack an insulated snack bag full of treats and water to keep you all energized and hydrated on moving day. Moving can be stressful, so prioritize emotional and physical health before, during, and after your move.

  9. Put all important, irreplaceable documents like birth certificates, wills, and passports, etc., and prescription medication in one very safe place. Either keep them with you, transport them yourself to your new home, put them in a safety deposit box or leave with trusted friends until the move is done.

  10. In addition to arranging for the care of your human children, try to get your pet children out of the house before the move. It’s hard to keep pets safe during a move unless they are in a crate or carrier for the duration or have been boarded/temporarily housed. The cost far outweighs the alternative.