Requirements for Nanny Posts [CHILDCARE] on the PSP Classifieds

If you want to post a message to our PSP Classifieds, here's what's required to making it happen.




  • You must be a member of Park Slope Parents (join HERE).
  • You must be a member of the PSP Classifieds Yahoo Group (sign up HERE).
  • ONLY First Hand Recommendations are allowed (You may not recommend a relative, friend, someone who worked for someone else or yourself. You may not post for a friend’s nanny).
  • Recommendations must be for a nanny who has worked for you regularly in the last 5 years. 
  • Posts are allowed every two weeks (max 12 posts per nanny per calendar year). (Combine the recommendations for extra credibility).
  • Nationality is NOT allowed in the subject line.
  • You must agree to INTEGRITY POLICY (*see below).

NOTE: Nanny posts take up to 36 hours to screen and approve (longer on weekends).


Looking to post about a Nanny Share, with or without a nanny in mind? Go HERE.



PSP uses a moderated email group format. Once you join the Classifieds group you can send a message to the group. A moderator reviews the message before it posts and approves or rejects it. Once approved the message goes out to our membership under your email.  Replies to your post will go directly to you as author of that message. Here's a more detailed explanation:

STEP 1. Join Park Slope Parents (here) and become a member of the Park Slope Parents Classifieds Yahoo group (here).

STEP 2. Email your recommendation to the Classifieds email group. Once you are a member of the PSP Classifieds Yahoo email group following the instructions below. In following those instructions you will send your nanny's recommendation via a message to the Classifieds group via the email listed below so it can be posted to our membership. (We recommend you send from your own email rather than from the Yahoo web interface so you have a copy of your message in your sent items.)  The message will be posted with the SUBJECT line you send.

STEP 3. WAIT for your message to be approved. Once you send it your message will be “pending approval.”  (We don’t post a message ‘for you.’ Instead, you post it so people can easily reply).

The nanny moderator will review your message in 24-36 hours.

If all is well, it will be approved.

               If rejected, you will receive a reject message from the moderator (check your spam, it likes to hide there). Fix the issues (review the template carefully), then resend it to the group email (not the –owner/email that sent you the reject).

STEP 4. Message APPROVAL! Once approved, your message will be delivered to approximately 5,000 PSP members on the Classifieds Group. It will show up as either an individual message or in their ‘daily digest.’ It also lives in the archives on the Yahoo Group for people looking for a nanny to search. (NOTE: If you yourself are receiving individual emails you won’t get your message sent back—it’s a whacky Yahoo thing.

     You can search for your message using these instructions).

STEP 5. REPOST after two weeks if needed. Put a note on your calendar to repost your message after the two weeks are up (or use nudgemail/boomerang and it will send your message back to you). NOTE: We only allow 12 posts per year per nanny. (Find other past recommenders and double the impact with two recommendations).




CUT AND PASTE the template below and fill in ALL the *REQUIRED information:

  • NOTE: format your email in the following way:  johndoe [ at ]
  • Failure to include your email in that format will result in Yahoo cutting/ abbreviating it.  






*Name (first/last):
*Dates Worked (from: mo/yr to mo/yr):


IS Willing to work on the books (OPTIONAL)










When you “Agree to Integrity Policy” you agree that:

  • Your post is an honest representation of your experience with the nanny, not a fabrication or misrepresentation. You attest that what is written is true. (For the sake of the next employer, keep it real).
  • You will not forward responses to the recommendation directly to your nanny.  You agree to contact the individuals who respond and give your recommendation and let them decide whether to contact your nanny.
  • You understand that violations to this agreement may result in you or your Nanny's name being publicized to the membership for their violation and your membership suspended.

When you agree to the Integrity Policy, the following message will be appended to the beginning of you post: "This poster has agreed to the Park Slope Parents Integrity Policy, asserting that this post represents the employer's actual experience with the Nanny. To view the policy, please click here:"

NOTE: False recommendations are a Class A misdemeanor known as “False Advertising”, punishable by up to a year in jail, under Section 190.20 of the New York State Penal Law which states in pertinent part  “a person is guilty of false advertising when, with intent to promote the sale or to increase the consumption of property or services, he makes or causes to be made a false or misleading statement in any advertising…”

IF you agree to these statements, add "AGREE TO INTEGRITY POLICY" on the first line of your email.





Name: Mary Poppins
Dates Worked: 1/2012-February 2013
Availability: Full-time starting now
Phone: 646-222-1234
Email: maryppoppins [@]

Name: George Banks
Phone: 646-123-4567
Email: Georgebanks [@]


Mary is a wonderful person and a great nanny. She gave my son a lot of love! It is my pleasure to recommend Mary for full-time employmentstarting NOW. She was with my son from 3-months-old to two-years-old.  She is punctual, professional, warm, and knowledgeable. She was NEVER late, brought my son home happy from outings, and put me at ease when she was with him.  She performs light housework.



SEND TO:  ."> .  


Keep a copy for your records!

And don't forget, Nanny posts take up to 36 hours to screen and approve (longer on weekends).


Melissa and Susan
The PSP Nanny Moderators