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Changing Nanny's Job Description and Figuring Out What To Do With Nanny When the Kids Transition to School

It's inevitable that your childcare needs will change as your kids grow older or work schedules change. But what can you do to still keep your nanny? According to PSP Nanny Survey Data, only 12% of nannies transition into the afterschool pick up. Here are some words of wisdom from PSP members who have changed their nanny's job description over time.

This article contains advice from two discussions on the PSP advice forum. One from 2014, and another from 2017.

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Transitioning a Nanny to Part-time

 Transitioning your nanny from being full-time to part-time is a frequently talked about issue with our members. Whether the kiddo(s) are starting school, daycare, or preschool, the transition can raises a lot of questions about pay, expectations, and more as you can piece together many different arrangements. This article summarizes the advice and multiple perspectives of parents who dealt with this change: some kept their nanny full-time in a combination babysitter/ housekeeper role while others decided to do extended daycare, a nanny share or have a suite of sitters on call.  Each experience should hopefully illuminate what option you think is best for you and your family.

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It's Fall! Prepare your Nanny for upcoming changes!


Lots of you are sending your kids to school in the fall and your nanny is transitioning to a child attending pre-school, Pre-K, Kindergarten and beyond…

We here at PSP started jotting down some things you might want to cover with your nanny but WELCOME any other ideas.

Here are some top of mind things:

  • Give your nanny a list of all the school holidays (the DOE calendar can be found here). There are 6 full-school holidays (and some early dismissal days on top of that) before December so plan accordingly if you need or don’t need your nanny. 
  • Discuss any Thanksgiving plans, winter break plans, plans for all the school holidays, and any other time off your nanny may receive so she can plan accordingly.
  • Introduce your nanny to any teachers or caregivers. Fill out appropriate paperwork about permission to pick up, etc.


Have a sit-down meeting with your nanny about anything related to school transitions including:

  • Phase-in schedule
  • Afterschool programs/classes your kids might be taking
  • Your feelings about homework (e.g., playdates are okay, but both kids must do homework before playing)
  • When it’s okay to miss an afterschool class/activity (e.g., “I don’t want to go to karate today”)
  • Taking on extra responsibilities such as playdates with other kids (will the nanny be compensated if there is a friend over?)
  • Policies about having other people over for playdates or dropping off your kids at one of the child’s friend’s house? Do you want to know about either? Do you want them to ask permission?
  • Ask your nanny if anything has changed on THEIR side too (e.g., if they have a child applying to middle or high school).
  • Update your work agreement if appropriate.


A note about Nannies transitioning to fewer hours but the same pay:

  • If you are still employing a nanny full time but they are only taking care of kids part-time have a heart to heart about responsibilities and feelings. Some employers will feel like they can ask for extra favors since, “we are paying them full time but they are only working part time so my nanny should be thankful;” “the raise is built in since they are not working as many hours.”  This is an area we’ve seen a lot of animosity arise on both sides. Then again, your nanny may welcome feeling like they are able to help with things like prepping dinner, restocking diapers or doing a load of laundry.
  • Don’t broker your nanny’s hours.  We’ve seen this happen too—a nanny who has mornings free will work for a different families a few mornings a week but the employer handles the finances. That’s backfired too.


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