I'm Getting Too Many Emails

Park Slope Parents Membership includes access to our two very popular emails lists - the Discussion/Advice List and the Classifieds List.  Both are very high volume. Between the two lists, a member can receive more than 100 messages a day.  For a lot of members, 100 extra messages in your inbox is too much of a good thing. 


Don't despair!  You can have all the advantages of PSP's online community without drowning in email.  Here are some alternatives to receiving the messages in your regular inbox.


-          You can get a “Daily Digest” which means you get one email including 25 posts at a time.  Although it’s called “Daily” we’re a high volume group, so you’ll most likely get a few messages a day.  (You can do this yourself through your Yahoo ID if you have one).


-          You can switch to “Web Only” which means you get no emails, but you can still read the messages and post whenever you want by going to the Yahoo!Groups website. You'll need to have a Yahoo ID to log into the message board, which we can also help you with.


-          We can put you on one group but not the other, if that’s best for you.  Some members want only to be on the Advice List or only to get the Buy/Sell/Giveaway/Jobs information on the Classifieds List.


-          You can receive the PSP emails at a different email address from the one that you use for other purposes.  Some of our members set up an extra email address just for PSP.


-          Using features of your mail server like filters (see gmail filters) you can keep your PSP emails under control.


Write to us at and we'll work out an email plan that works for you.