Downloading Your Membership Card

We are paperless- saving trees and reducing PSP's carbon footprint.

We are no longer mailing membership cards--- You can download it via your Club Express Account!

1. Go to the PSP Membership Site

2. Log in and in the top right hand corner, click the little circle with the while arrow pointing down to access your "profile." Click profile.


3. Once you click profile, you will be taken to a screen about your membership profile. In the top section under "Membership Summary," you will see the option to "Download Membership Card" on the right:


4. You can download the GRAPHIC JPG of your card, save it as one of your favorite photos or put it in a separate photo album for easy retrieval.  With your membership card, you can receive discounts at over 1,000 local businesses who offer PSP members a special discount. With that many providers make sure to ask places of business if they provide a PSP Perk. If they don't but are interested, let us know!