Overview of the PSP Groups

Joining Park Slope Parents gives you access to our over 100 groups, including our BIG groups (Advice, Classifieds and Career Networking), pregnancy/baby groups, bilingual groups, career networking groups, and more. 

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Here's an overview of our Groups:

PSP Advice List

PSP Classifieds List

PSP Career Networking







PSP Advice List

        The PSP Advice List is the list where you post questions about parenting, the neighborhood and community issues and events as well as anonymous posts. 


Basics of Posting to the Advice List:



Frequently Asked Questions include:

How do I post ANONYMOUSLY?

How do I post an EVENT if I'm working with a school or non-profit?

How do I ADVERTISE to the over 5,000 members with a commercial post?

Ho do I post a RECOMMENDATION about a local business service?

To log on to the PSP Advice List to search the archives or see if your message has posted go here: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/ParkSlopeParents/


PSP Classifieds List

               The PSP Classifieds List is the list where your buy/sell/trade, stoop sales, nanny wanted/available and real estate posts. We can't post curb alerts or crib posts unless the crib meets June 2011 standards or later.  Check out our Seller/Buyer/and Transaction Reminders          


Basics of Posting to the Classifieds:


Frequently Asked Questions include:

 To log on to the PSP Classifieds List to search the archives or see if your message has posted go HERE.


PSP Career Networking

  • PSP CAN is networking community for parents interested in: networking, changing careers, looking for work, going back to school, discussing work/life balance and offering employment or advice to other members.
  • To log on to the PSP Career Networking Group to search the archives or see if your message has posted go HERE.


Basics of Posting to the Career Networking:

  • Introduce yourself when you join (guidelines here)
  • Check out the LABELS we use to post messages to help people save time
  • Sign your post (you can include your business signature here)
  • Remember: Networking (not advertising)
  • No posting job seeks for a friend
  • Send messages to:



 Our PSP specialty groups include our pregnancy/baby groups, career sub-groups, language groups, dads groups, SAHMs, aging parents, cooking group, sibling groups and more. There are more than 100 of these specialty groups!  These are housed not on Yahoo! but on our Membership Site, Club Express.

NOTE: Our specialty groups are advertising free so while shout outs are allowed, please do not forward advertisements or post your own.

These groups are housed on our Clubexpress site (where you pay your dues). The online site for these groups is found here:    www.parkslopeparents.clubexpress.com

The Complete list of all the Baby, Bilingual, Specialty, and Career Sub Groups is here:  http://tinyurl.com/6aw85hs

To Join a Baby Group, Bilingual or a Specialty Group just fill out this quick form:    http://bit.ly/YZMQQ1

To Join a Career Specialty Group use this link:    http://tinyurl.com/dxz7977 

If you have any questions, email us and we'll help you out! 


PSP Pregnancy/Baby Groups

               Bond with expectant or new mothers who have kids going through the same age stages. These groups live both online and offline.  Join here.

PSP CAN Career Subgoups

               We have over 15 career subgroups including a writers group, law group, fashion group, health careers group, small business support, fine arts group and more. For a full list and to join these groups, click here).

PSP Bilingual/Heritage Groups

               We have a dozen (and growing) bilingual/heritage group including Chinese, French, German, Italian, Russian, Spanish and more. Join here.

PSP Tough Stuff Groups              

               We have groups for preemies, child bereavement, fertility support and illness support. Join here.



If you have any issues trying to join or access any of our groups, please email .

 Be sure to review our MEMBERSHIP HELP section here.