How Do I Post Messages?

To find out about posting a message, it depends on where you are trying to post.  


You can send the group a message via email:

You do not need to log into Yahoo to post - you can just send a message from the email linked to your account.

ADVICE List: (questions/answers/recommendations group) Send your email to  

CLASSIFIEDS (for our buy/sell/give away/ISO/trade/nanny/group) Send your email to  


You can also send a post by accessing the group on your internet browser:

You will need a Yahoo! ID for this one (a Yahoo! ID is free & easy to get).  Once you have a Yahoo! ID, you can also go to the Yahoo! Group to post.  This is also how you can search the archives.

Here is where you can access the groups from your internet browser:

PSP Advice Group: 

Classifieds Group: 


Note: in March 2015, The PSP Career Advice and Networking moved from Yahoo to Club Express. The new General Career Networking Specialty group is located on (We moved off Yahoo groups for ease of administration.)


PSP CAREER NETWORKING Send your email to: 

For our Specialty Groups, log into Club Express HERE, click Forums, find your forum and either start a new 'thread' (discussion) or reply to an existing one.