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Park Slope Parents is a community of Brooklyn parents who share ideas.  Along with our larger groups (PSP Advice, PSP Classifieds, and PSP Career Networking) we have smaller, cozy groups were you can meet-up -- in person -- and share the joys and jokes, trials and tribulations of parenting. Parents can also explore bilingualism and career networking.


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PSP Main Groups

Specialty Parenting Interest Groups*

General Interest Groups*

Language/ Bilingual Groups*

Career Specialty Group*

Tough Stuff Groups*

 Pregnancy, Baby & Toddler Groups*


*Please note: to access your pregnancy, baby, toddler specialty, general interest, language, career, tough stuff groups you must be logged in to your PSP Club Express account to access these groups:





PSP Advice Group

PSP Classifieds Group




PSP Dads Group

PSP Home Dads


PSP Seperated/ Divorced/ Single Group

PSP Single Parents by Choice (SPC) Group

PSP Stay At Home Moms (SAHM) 

PSP Tweens & Teens Group

PSP Twins Meetup Group

PSP WOMBATs (Wonderful Older Moms of Babies and Toddlers)



General Interest

 PSP Aging Parents

PSP Being Fit

PSP Cooking Group

PSP Dungeons & Dragons Club

PSP Food Allergy Group

PSP Gardeners

PSP Grandparents

PSP Green/ Sustainability

PSP Hiking

PSP Knitting Group 

PSP Music and Musicians

PSP NEW to the Hood

PSP Writers Circle

PSP Adoptive Parents

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Tough Stuff


PSP Aging Parents

PSP Cancer Godesses

PSP Child Bereavement & Hope

PSP Motherless Mothers

PSP Preemie/ NICU Support  

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Career Related Sub-Groups


PSP Career Networking open now to both members and their partner/spouses-- Sign Up HERE

PSP Architecture & Design - Architects, designers, furniture designers, craftsmen, etc.

PSP Coaches  

PSP Data Geeks - For spreadsheet and number lovers

PSP Education Group - If you participate in the field of Education

PSP Events Group - For aspects of event planning and execution including entertainment, caterers, photographers, event planners

PSP Fashion Group

PSP Fine Arts Network - For Visual Artists

PSP Food and Beverage Business Incubator Group

PSP Freelance Journalists - ACTIVE freelancers, who write articles/blogs/stories for publication. Others join Media Professionals or Writers Circle

PSP Health Careers Group - Including Medical, Mental Health, Therapy & Healing Arts

PSP Kid / Baby Businesses - If you have a biz focused on kids/babies/families

PSP Law Group - If you practice in the field of law

PSP Marketing & Public Relations Group - For marketing, PR and includes Social Media-related marketing

PSP Media Professionals Group - Fiction or non-fiction media in print, web, video or film

 PSP Non Profit Group - Work/Volunteer at a Non-Profit

PSP Small Business Support Group - For Entrepreneurs, Small Biz Owners

PSP Tech Group - Work/Tinker with social media, software, programming, apps development, etc.

PSP Volunteer Corps - Find out ways to help local groups

PSP Working Moms MeetUps - Connects moms to discuss bridging the divide between work and family

PSP Working Moms in Entertainment Group

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Language, Bilingual & Cultural Related Groups

PSP Specialty Groups include our very active Bilingual Groups. These groups are for parents who have an interest in, or who speak in, languages other than English. The focus is on arranging activities conducted in a foreign language as well as providing support.  Our Multilingual Families group is a primary source of engagement for families speaking in languages other than English. This group offers networking and support for parents raising kids to speak multiple languages at home.

African American Carribean Heritage Group

Brazilian Portuguese Language Group

Brit Pack

Chinese Language Group

Dutch Language Group

French Language Group

German Language Group

Italian Language Group

Japanese Language Group

Korean Language Group

Polish Bilingual Group

Spanish Language Group

Russian Language Group

Multilingual Families

Interested? for more informtion on how to join one of PSP's many specialty groups, visit us HERE!



Pregnancy, Baby & Toddler Groups


We open our groups 6 months before the due month and our seasonal groups 3 months after due month,  click on this form and we'll get you signed up!


2018 Groups

2017 Groups

2016 Groups   

2015 Groups

2014 Groups   

2013 Groups   

2012 Groups     



2018 Pregnancy and Baby Groups

January 2018

February 2018

March 2018

 April 2018

May 2018

June 2018

July 2018

2017 Pregnancy and Baby Groups

January 2017

February 2017

March 2017

April 2017

May 2017

June 2017

July 2017

August 2017

September 2017

October 2017

November 2017

December 2017

Summer 2017


2016 Pregnancy and Baby Groups

January 2016 Babies

February 2016 Babies

March 2016 Babies

April 2016 Babies

May 2016 Babies

June 2016 Babies

July 2016 Babies

August 2016 Babies

September 2016 Babies

October 2016 Babies

November 2016 Babies

December 2016 Babies


2015 Pregnancy and Baby Groups

January 2015 Babies

February 2015 Babies

March 2015 Babies

April 2015 Babies

 May 2015 Babies

 June 2015 Babies

 July 2015 Babies

August 2015 Babies

 September 2015 Babies

 October 2015 Babies

November 2015 Babies

December 2015 Babies

Seasonal Groups:

Winter 2015

 Spring 2015

Summer 2015

Fall 2015


2014 Pregnancy and Baby Groups

January 2014 Babies

February 2014 Babies

March 2014 Babies

April 2014 Babies

May 2014 Babies

June 2014 Babies

July 2014 Babies

August 2014 Babies

September 2014 Babies

October 2014 Babies

November 2014 Babies

December 2014 Babies

 Seasonal groups:

Winter 2013-2014 Babies

Spring 2014 Babies

Summer 2014 Babies

Fall 2014 Babies


2013 Pregnancy and Baby Groups


January 2014 Baby Group 

December 2013 Baby Group

November 2013 Baby Group  

October 2013 Baby Group

September 2013 Baby Group 

August 2013 Baby Group

July 2013 Baby Group 

June 2013 Babies

May 2013 Babies 

April 2013 Babies

March 2013 Babies

February 2013 Babies

January 2013 Babies 

Spring 2013 Babies

Summer 2013 Babies

Fall 2013 Babies

Winter 2012-2013 Babies 



2012 Baby Groups

Winter 2011-2012

January 2012 Babies

February 2012 Babies

Spring 2012 Babies

March 2012 Baby Group 

April 2012 Baby Group 

May 2012 Baby Group 

Summer 2012 Babies

June 2012 Baby Group 

July 2012 Baby Group

August 2012 Baby Group

Fall 2012 Babies

September 2012 Baby Group

October 2012 Baby Group

November 2012 Baby Group

December 2012 Baby Group



2008 - 2011 Baby Groups

PSP 2008 Babies

Winter 2009-2010 Babies

PSP 2009 Babies

Spring 2010 Babies

August 2010 Babies

Summer 2010 Babies

Fall 2010 Babies

Winter 2010-2011 Babies

Spring 2011 Babies

June 2011 Babies

Summer 2011 Babies

Fall 2011 Babies

December 2011 Babies



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