Fresh Direct Finds

Fresh Direct is a great resource for early eaters and their older siblings:

  • Health is Wealth Spinach Munchees.  Great, easy, and they’re eating spinach!
  • Fresh Direct-brand chicken and apple sausages.  I freeze these in pairs and take them out as needed.
  • Package of raw chicken tenders.  I separate these into freezer bags and then cook them as needed.  It's much more economical than the whole breasts and with no waste.
  • Seviroli round spinach ravioli.  These are packed with spinach, and they’re very tasty.
  • Ground lamb.  Lamb is one of the best early foods since it is hypo-allergenic.  Strangely, it’s also hard to find freshly ground.
  • Fresh Direct-brand chicken fingers.  Made with whole pieces of chicken and Japanese panko crumbs, these are excellent.
  • Plainville Farms antibiotic-free turkey breast from the deli section.  This brand is quite good and is more moist than the Fresh Direct-brand sliced roast turkey.  Perfect for those turkey and cheese roll-ups!