Inside the CHILDCARE & EDUCATION section

In the CHILDCARE & EDUCATION section, you will advice and tips about:



  • Advice about finding a DAYCARE
  • DAYCARE tips: whether you are wondering about commuting into Manhattan for daycare, have questions about getting your kid to nap while there, or transitioning from a nanny to a daycare, this section discusses these dilemmas.



The Park Slope Parents has a robust section about hiring a NANNY. Our pages is an amalgamation of best-practices, insights and honest expressions culled from years of experience by a diverse group of parents who have all been where you are now.



  • Tips about the PROCESS: frrom deadlines to applications and interviews, this section covers your questions about the basics.
  • KINDERGARTEN /PreK Advice: Thinking of holding back? What about red-shirting? What is the timeline? This section answers your questions and more about Kindergarten and Pre-K in NYC.
  • Have a Tween? We have a comprehensives MIDDLE SCHOOL section that talks about getting into middle school, what it's like once you are there, as well as common problems, concerns and issues. PSP talks about it all (and be sure to check out our TWEENS section for more tips to raising your awesome middle schooler).




Last updated: January 2015