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    On 28-Feb-2015
    Subject:  Based on a 2014 Birthing Experience
    Comment:  Member Review: Marilyn was amazing. She did two house calls on short notice and answered texts on the weekend. I had latching problems and extremely bruised and cracked nipples- Marilyn had good suggestions and I was able to successfully breastfeed after meeting w her.Insurance details: I had to pay out of pocket but my insurance ended up covering 70% of the costs. It took a while to get reimbursed but eventually got the check.(Review submitted via the 2014 Birthing Survey)
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    On 09-Oct-2013
    Subject:  Review of Lactation Consultant Marilynn Karas
    Comment:  Marilynn Karas was a wonderful lactation consultant. She helped me figure out how to feed my daughter when I was having trouble getting her to latch. She was warm, professional, and very encouraging. When I decided to stop breastfeeding, she was supportive of me, and helped me wean my daughter. I would recommend Marilynn to any mom going through those difficult first days of motherhood! She is superb.