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    On 13-Mar-2014
    Subject:  Great experience at Hiho Batik
    Comment:  I want to give a shout-out to Hiho Batik, the make-your-own or buy-their-supercute apparel store on 5th ave between Berkeley and Lincoln.Almost a year ago, we got a "Make a TShirt" gift card for my 11 year old nephew, and two weekends ago, we finally used it. My husband went with my daughter (3.5) and my two nephews (9 and 11), and each of them had a great time making their own t shirts. My husband came home raving about how well the staff supported the three and was psyched to find something that all of the ages could genuinely enjoy. Even better, I just picked up the tee shirts, and they are fantastic.I would definitely recommend this as a special activity, birthday present (gift card) or for a birthday party for kids 5 and over (or even younger if they like craft activities like my daughter does).
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    On 21-Mar-2013
    Subject:  Shout Out - HiHo Batik
    Comment:  We just had a small birthday party for my daughter's 6th birthday at HiHo Batik on 5th ave.I just wanted to let everyone know it is a great option for a birthday. The kids had lots of fun designing their own T-shirts. The staff was really a pleasure to deal with and great with kids!I have no connection, just a very happy customer.